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Vivos is a company like no other, with a bold vision to rid the world of Obstructive Sleep Apnea—a debilitating condition that impacts over one billion people worldwide.

Only at Vivos can one find the total package of proprietary ground-breaking technology, a proven go-to-market strategy, a dedicated and talented executive team with the passion to change the face of healthcare by helping people breathe and sleep properly.

Over more than 10 years, pioneering specially-trained clinicians have treated over 14,000 cases using The Vivos System—often with amazing results.

Today, Vivos is emerging as the world leader in the treatment of sleep and breathing disorders.  Our focus has always been on getting behind the symptoms to address the root cause.  Somewhat surprisingly, it is the dental profession that holds the key to the solving the worldwide sleep apnea crisis.  Because only dentists know how to use the Vivos System to unlock the body’s natural biological processes to restore a human airway.

Removing the obstruction in obstructive sleep apnea is what we do.

Dr. Dave Singh DMD PhD DDSc
R. Kirk Huntsman
Founder, Chief Medical Officer
Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer

Relentless Commitment

A life sciences company committed to solving challenges in the field of craniofacial sleep medicine in dentistry.

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Institute for Craniofacial Sleep Medicine

The Institute for Craniofacial Sleep Medicine provides advanced post-graduate education in the field of craniofacial sleep medicine for dentists and their staff.

Vivos Integrated Practices receive unlimited access to core curriculum and a variety of adjunct elective courses to pursue the required clinical expertise to integrate craniofacial sleep medicine into their practice.

The institute offers clinical courses, practicum and courses in specific practice management principles.

Pneusomnia Craniofacial Sleep Medicine Centers

Pneusomnia Craniofacial Sleep Medicine centers are physician-owned private practices developed and managed under a unique management agreement with Vivos Managed Services.

Medical doctors and private health systems have recognized the vital role of craniofacial sleep medicine in the treatment of sleep disordered breathing including obstructive sleep apnea.

Pneusomnia provides a pathway for medical professionals to open and operate a adjunct craniofacial sleep practice in their area.

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Vivos Billing Intelligence

Vivos Billing Intelligence provides critical knowledge, training and support for Vivos Integrated Practices.

Vivos BIS works directly with practice managers to navigate the complexities of billing for craniofacial sleep medicine within a dental practice. BIS offers a fee-for-service subscription to provide accurate and compliant medical billing operations and procedures.
The BIS platform-as-a-service simplifies billing and payments across the full spectrum of healthcare payers.

Vivos® Market Intelligence

Vivos Market Intelligence provides critical population studies, market analysis, professional coaching and creative services in support of Vivos Integrated Practices around the world.

Vivos MIS works directly with practice managers to develop educational materials for patients, build meaningful collaborative relationships with medical colleagues, develop and deploy doctor patient relationship strategies and provides tools and resources to help establish and grow an effective craniofacial sleep medicine practice.

Vivos Airway Intelligence

Vivos Airway Intelligence provides clinical analysis and advisory services in support of Vivos Integrated Practices around the world.

Utilizing sophisticated algorithms, statistical and predictive analysis tools and a proprietary diagnostic analysis, Airway Intelligence provides practitioners with valuable insights for treatment planning and delivery.

Vivos Integrated Healthcare Network

The Vivos Integrated Healthcare Network is a unique innovation to Vivos. The Integrated Network connects thousands of practitioners around the world via a tight-knit community founded upon the principles of collaboration and support.

Each Integrated Practice is enrolled into a small network cell which is managed by a core group within Vivos. Each cell is governed and led by a Vivos Integrated Clinical Advisor, an Integrated Practice Advisor and an Integrated Market Advisor.

Business Commitments

We are committed to operating our business to the highest standards of excellence.

We accept our responsibility to the doctors and dentists in our network, to their patients, and the communities we serve.

Vivos For Patients

At Vivos, we strive to provide useful information to help you when discussing your health concerns with your doctor. Our goal is to strengthen your relationship with your healthcare team to ensure proper diagnosis and treatment.

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Vivos For Healthcare Professionals

At Vivos, we support healthcare professionals around the world who are focused on treating the root cause of sleep disordered breathing including mild-to-moderate obstructive sleep apnea resulting from craniofacial deficiencies.

Vivos For Investors

Our business is helping to address challenges throughout the world. We are helping to reduce the overall cost of healthcare by targeting a prevalent condition which contributes to many of the most expensive healthcare problems.

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